Thursday, 3 September 2015

Time to review my Lake District garden 2015

It's the time of year when you look at the garden, make resolutions about what to do differently next year- then forget to make a note about it. The result is that you make the same mistakes next year. Or is that just me?

Here goes on some thoughts about White Moss House garden 2015. It's a Grasmere garden, a Lake District garden , so the thoughts below may not apply to gardens elsewhere.

First thoughts.

Two things are totally out of my control

1. The weather. It's been cold, dull and wet. You know that- we all know that.

2. Rabbits. We've not had rabbits for years, but in the past two weeks we've seen two. They've eaten the annual cornflowers which I sowed with love, and which were finally beginning to flower well. They've also eaten the Nigellas which had been beautiful. The nasturtiums are another target, and they've even bitten through the stem of a Japanese anenome leaving the stalks with flowers lying on the ground.

Of course, you might say that I can do something about the rabbits. Get someone to lurk around with a shotgun would be top of my list right now as I'm so fed up with them, Is that legal? Failing that, over the winter we'll have to dig in a rabbit fence around the main beds. We used to have these years ago, but as we've been rabbit free they've all be taken down.

Here's a photo of the border taken early August.
White Moss House garden

The penstemons planted from plugs in 2014 are looking good, and the mesembryanthemum that I bought from the WI market in 2014 is doing really well. I divided it into 3 clumps and each is flowering well ( it's the lilac coloured flower) Also, an erodium I bought last year from the WI market has been brilliant. I divided this into 3 as well, and it's been a really good colour source all through the summer. It tends to be a bit leggy, and I've realised that you need to cut the leaves off from below as they die. It's a member of the storksbills, a relative of the much loved cranesbills.

When it started to flower in June I wasn't sure of it's name. In the end, I described it to the lady at the WI market, from whom I'd bought I bought it last year. "Erodium"- flowers all summer, just keep deadheading.

Here's a picture of it taken early in June.

Erodium, White Moss House

Just a few more thoughts today, looking at the flowers above.

Plugs- don't bother with them ever again! Yes, I do still have a good showing of the Pentsemons, but I'd rather buy 6 larger good quality plants than fuss around with 24 plugs that need repotting. This is just my opinion. Nothing against Thompson and Morgan who sent excellent plugs.

Plants from Ambleside WI Country market are an excellent buy. They've been grown locally , so will love the conditions in my garden. Buy plants for a  Lake District garden from a Lake District gardener- it makes sense.

Final thought today, memo to self. Next year, don't both to sow seeds in seed trays and then plant out. Those sown directly into the border did just as well.

That's enough for one day. Back soon with more memos- mostly for me, but if they help you, you're welcome.

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