Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Here come the deer!

The deer have rediscovered our garden. That's not good!
We've had a relatively deer free year, but the crocosmia have taken a beating, and now they've been seen nosing around the apple trees.

If they stick to windfalls that won't be too bad, though I'm hoping to make lots of chutney this year, so they'd better leave some for me.
Anybody with really good apple chutney recipes?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Lots of sun and lots of rain make the garden grow.

On Tuesday we had a wonderful day. We had the guest house full, and were able to take the chance of a full day's walk. We went up Wetherlam- here's the view from the top on Tuesday.

Little Langdale tarn from Wetherlam
Yesterday we had torrential rain all day. Today is warm, damp, and perfect for slugs.
The Phlox is looking great and the scent is wonderful. The Bay tree is almost back to normal.
The philadelphus looks sad, as I got carried away with the pruning, but I'm sure it will be fine.
The tubs are in dire need of a serious deadhead and feed- job for later if it keeps dry.

Here's hoping all of you are enjoying your gardens right now in what we laughingly call "high Summer", ie about 17 degrees, sun, rain, wind, whatever !
Did you know you can buy great gardening guides for your Kindle? I've now got my Kindle, and am a convert!

Friday, 5 August 2011

The Borage is blooming!

I planted borage in my herb garden 3 years ago. Every year the borage re-seeds itself, and comes up in slightly unexpected places.
Right now the borage is looking really beautiful . I'm using the blue flowers to decorate salads , fruit drinks, and , of course, Pimms. Really, there's no better reason for having a Pimms than to show off your borage flowers. The perfect garnish for the perfect summer drink.
Find out more about borage right here.