Monday, 13 April 2015

How could I make such a mistake- I watch Monty Don every week!

I've decided to grow my bedding plants from seed this year. That's what being (semi) retired does to you - well to me anyway.

On a glorious sunny day last week I sowed Cosmos, Nigella, Zinnia and Cornflowers into seed plug trays ( a bargain at Hayes , £1.99 for 5 trays of 40 plugs).

I sowed,and then I wrote labels, just like Monty, ("always make sure you label your seeds") and stuck the labels in the seed trays. I made the labels from shiny cardboad, and wrote them with a felt pen.

3 days later, I have seedlings already- fantastic! The only problem is that the labels are now damp, the ink has run, and I don't know what's what.

Basic lesson well learned- use permanent ink on plastic, not soluble ink on card. Obviously. Doh!

I think the first seedling to show are Cosmos. I grew Cosmos from seed last year, as I struggle to find the bedding plants  locally and they tend to be quite expensive. They were brilliant. So easy, so impressive. If I'd known years ago how easy Cosmos was to grow from seed ............ but then every gardener always has regrets don't they?

Here a picture of Cosmos in my Lake District garden last year.

Cosmos grown from seed, White Moss House, Grasmere 2014

If you can't get down to your garden centre you can buy seeds online from Amazon. Here's the link for UK readers

Readers in the USA and Canada can buy Cosmos seeds via this picture link.

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