Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Rydal Hall Gardens

We are very lucky to be just a short walk along a beautiful Lake District path , from Rydal Hall, where the gardens, which were restored about 5 years ago, are now looking very good. We walked there yesterday, along The wonderful walk known as the Rydal round, which you can see here The herbaceous borders are obviously bare at the moment, though there are some signs of life.

A border at Rydal Hall, 5 March 2013

 However, there are lots of wonderful little spring flowers coming out. I've featured them on my White Moss House Blog- please take a look.

Here's a taster. This isn't from Rydal Hall, but from Dora's Field. Dora's field is the field in Rydal where William Wordsworth hoped to build a house for his daughter, Dora. The house was never built, but it is now owned by the National Trust, and every spring it is a riot of daffodils- the small wild daffodils that Wordsworth wrote about in his famous poem. Click here if you want to know more about the poem,Daffodils, and to see lots more daffodil photos

Daffodils in Dora's Field, Rydal, 5 March 2013

 In a few days time this field will be amazing.

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