Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I wonder if HRH Prince Charles has to sweep deer droppings from his terrace?

I enjoyed Countryfile this week with HRH Price Charles risking his fingers as Julia Bradbury hammered in fence posts. I know he was wearing very, very thick gloves, but even so....it's nice to know the heir to the throne knows how important a good fence post is.

Our garden is quite well fenced, but it's a huge Lake District woodland hillside that backs onto farmers' fields full of sheep, and there's no way we can keep all the fences and walls sheep proof , especially at this time of year when they are desperate for anything fresh and green. Our daffodils obviously look very tasty.

Then there is our number 1 enemy.
Deer in White Moss hillside Lake District garden.
You looking at me?

Big deer, baby deer, 7 at a time, on their own, you name it, we've got it. I have just spent an hour sweeping up deer droppings from our side terrace, and I've been pulling my hair out- literally. The theory goes that if you spread human hair around the deer will stay away. Pure nonsense- they aren't scared at all. Still, we have to keep trying, as they've attacked the laurels, the gaultherea, the daffs and who knows what else whilst we've been away on holiday. Our return doesn't seem to have worried them.

We do still have some daffodils left though, and it's another amazingly beautiful sunny day here. The guests at Brockstone, our holiday cottage with amazing views are loving it.

We open our Grasmere B & B at White Moss House this weekend, and we are offering great reductions on our usual rates for last minute bookings ( must be made direct to sue@whitemoss.com, or by phone 015394 35295)

The views at the moment are superb- non of those leaf type things on the trees blocking out the lake and hills.

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