Thursday, 21 June 2012

Away for a few days and weeds take over.

I was on top of the weeding,then we went away for a few days, came back, and weeds were everywhere, but that's fine because I love to weed! In fact I've written a whole article called I love weeding. Is that Weird? Please take a look and leave a comment if you have an opinion.

I hate housework, but will happily spend hours weeding, which is really housework in the garden. It's really important to have the right tools, and to be organised for fun, fast, efficient weeding.!

The weather has been sunny but cool, and sadly, it's raining today. The Olympic Torch Relay comes to Grasmere, then right past White Moss House on it's way to Bowness, where there is a big event tonight. Hopefully the rain will stop. My tubs and hanging baskets are being really slow to get going. Summer, where are you?

Here's my number one favourite weeding tool- my lovely old fashioned Dutch Hoe.Buy your in stainless steel. Did you know that Spears and Jackson have been in business since 1760?

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